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This article is transferred from WeChat public account: Ran Caijing. Unauthorized reprint is not allowed.


Li Xueqin is still on her own. However, the carrier changed from short video to long video.


On the evening of September 23, Li Xueqin posted a Weibo, summarizing the third season of participating in the talk show. Immediately, #李雪琴发长文# ranked first in the hot search on Weibo, with nearly 600 million topic views. Comparable to a traffic star.


Li Xueqin first appeared on Weibo's hot search on January 9, 2019. The topic at the time was #谁是李雪琴#. At that time, Li Xueqin was still unknown. She posted short videos on Tik Tok, and she used various celebrities as her unilateral chat partners. One day, popular young student Wu Yifan posted a Tik Tok video in response to her. Then, Li Xueqin's path to internet celebrity began.

李学勤于2019年1月9日首次出现在微博的热门搜索中。当时的话题是#谁是李雪琴#。当时,李学勤还不为人知。她在Tik Tok上发布了简短的视频,并以各种名人为单边聊天伙伴。有一天,受欢迎的年轻学生吴亦凡回应了她的视频。然后,李学勤的网络名人之路开始了。

When he first participated in the talk show, Li Xueqin said that he was an internet celebrity and made short videos. However, on the evening of September 22, Li Xueqin was certified as a comedian by entering the WeChat video account. Li Xueqin's introduction in TikTok is a poet.

李学勤在第一次参加脱口秀节目时说自己是互联网名人,并做了短片。然而,在9月22日晚上,李学勤通过输入微信视频帐户被认证为喜剧演员。李学勤在《 TikTok》中的介绍是一位诗人。

Li Xueqin knew very well that the circle of influencers was too small and too low. If there is a chain of contempt for funny, the Internet celebrities who shoot short videos are definitely at the bottom.


In early 2019, GQ reported that she published her self-reported article "Li Xueqin: I am painful, but I want others to be happy". Later, some people in the industry questioned her unreported value, saying that she represents a superficial phenomenon.


When he first participated in the talk show, Li Xueqin did not expect to enter the finals. Like Zhou Qimo, her initial intention was to use this stage as an opportunity to expand her popularity. In fact, when she was eliminated for the first time, her parting speech was to hope that everyone would pay attention to her Douyin, Weibo and Kuaishou.


As of press time, Li Xueqin's Douyin account has 6.315 million followers and has received more than 55.85 million likes. Weibo fans are 2.51 million.


This is not an amazing number. You know, on Douyin, there is a cartoon pig who can only sing, with 14.464 million fans. On Weibo, Xie Na has 127 million fans.


Recently, Li Xueqin has received widespread attention because she has broken through Douyin, Weibo, Kuaishou and Moments, and came to the talk show. As a three-season network synthesis, talk show and the laughing fruit culture behind it, this year has a lot of topics. According to the professional version of Maoyan, the third season of "Talk Show Conference" rose to the second place in the variety show category on September 24 on the Maoyan network's popularity list. At the same time, the highest historical popularity value of this season's goal has exceeded the previous season's show.


Li Xueqin was praised by Xu Zheng, Shen Teng, Luo Yonghao and others for his talents. Luo Yonghao even said that Li Dan’s biggest contribution this season was to resurrect Li Xueqin.


At the same time, with the output of good jokes again and again, Li Xueqin also gained countless fans.


On September 12, 2018, Li Xueqin released the first video on Douyin. At that time, the daily life of Douyin was less than 200 million.


On September 15 this year, at the 2nd TikTok Creators Conference, Bytedance


Short video platforms have also given birth to their own "stars" before. In 2017, the smash hit "Kai Shou Yi Ge" MC Tianyou, the highest number of fans reached nearly 40 million, dominating the arena of several major platforms. Its fans' enthusiasm for gift-giving is no less than that of fan-chasing stars. However, he was banned in early 2018 because he was involved in pornography, gambling and drugs because of his lack of silence.

短视频平台也早已诞生了自己的“明星”。 2017年,红极一时的“开手一格” MC天游,粉丝数量最高,达到近4000万,在几个主要平台的竞技场上独占do头。它的粉丝们对送礼的热情不亚于追逐明星的热情。然而,由于缺乏沉默,他于2018年初被禁止从事色情,赌博和毒品活动。

In the self-report article reported by GQ, Li Xueqin was very wary of this, "I am particularly afraid that my words and deeds will affect some people, especially underage children, and I am afraid that some of my ways of thinking will affect their lives. So I post videos on Douyin, and I’m very cautious about outputting opinions, and I hardly express my own attitude. I always share my life state, tell jokes, and make people happy."


The epidemic has made most of people's life scenes more integrated into the short video platform. Statistics show that during the Spring Festival in 2020 alone, the number of daily active users of short videos reached 571 million, which is nearly twice the size of online users. So far, this integration and demand are still continuing, and more and more people tend to use short video as a leisure and entertainment choice for daily life.


After the short video platform has become a large traffic pool, it has become a trend for acting stars to enter Douyin and Kuaishou no matter how big or small the cafe is. On this, the content they present is no longer limited to bringing goods and recording personal lives.


But for Douyin Kuaishou, this is far from enough. With the development of the platform, short video content has gradually transformed from grassroots UGC content to PGC professional production. Just as long video platforms are competing to create their own self-produced dramas, short video platforms have also begun to devote themselves to creating new categories of their own content.


Many artists began to choose short videos as their performance carrier. Due to fragmented communication methods, content such as sitcoms, Quyi, cross talk, and talk shows are also more suitable for such platforms.


As early as the second half of 2018, cross talk actors Yue Yunpeng, Sun Yue and sketch actor Jia Bing announced their entry into short video.


In February of this year, Douyin Live launched the comedy special "Happy DOU Baggage", inviting comedy big names such as Li Dan, Gao Xiaopan, Pan Binlong, Xu Juncong, etc. to make their appearances. Kuaishou and Xiaoguo Culture jointly created a comedy show of "Long Wish for a Long Time". Christmas and short video bloggers, fast-hand celebrities anchors and other live broadcasts.


After that, on August 17th, Shen Teng settled in Kuaishou, and on September 10th, Shen Teng and his happy twist team opened the first live broadcast of "Twist Lai "Teng" in Kuaishou. The number of live broadcasts was 7.497 million.


Many of these artists have achieved a leap in popularity with the help of short video platforms. Crosstalk actor Qin Xiaoxian is one of them. According to TikTok star topic list


Li Xueqin moved from short videos to long videos, and then to offline; in contrast, more comedy practitioners moved from offline or long videos to short videos, but their goals were the same, that is, bigger Influence and better commercialization.


For entertainment stars, traffic is influence. As early as 2018, the influx of celebrities into short videos was a big trend.


Huang Bo has more than 17 million fans in Kuaishou. Since entering Kuaishou in 2018, he has often "posted" some life-related videos, such as homemade food, flower arrangement, travel, etc., and each video has been played more than one million.


"Mr. Warm Man" is a short video account opened by the Spring Festival Gala actor Guo Donglin. With more than 40 million fans on both Douyin and Kuaishou platforms, he is a veritable and highly popular creator.


Dapeng, the founder of the Shijiazhuang Matchstick Talk Show Club, told Ran Caijing that his Douyin account currently has more than 100,000 fans, and the content is mainly based on offline performances. He said that half of the audience who came to watch the show got to know the club through Douyin.


The actor Guo Xin of the Taiyuan "Laughing Comedy" club has also operated an account on Douyin for 3 years, with 1.341 million fans. In his opinion, a lot of local stalkers and strong resonance will help to quickly increase fans. "Short videos are a better publicity channel, accounting for 60% of club publicity."

太原市“笑喜剧”俱乐部演员郭欣也已经在斗荫开了三年帐户,拥有13.41万粉丝。他认为,大量的本地缠扰者和强烈的共鸣将有助于迅速增加粉丝。 “短视频是一个更好的宣传渠道,占俱乐部宣传的60%。”

The short video platform has also become their best choice for "increasing fans" and "draining traffic."


The 23-year-old Xiaonian has graduated from college and entered the workplace. Short videos are part of her daily life. Xiaonian has to use more than 5 hours of vibrato every day, listen to songs, watch recommended movies and funny videos. Sometimes she also broadcasts live on Douyin, “When it’s boring, she will play it live. The people who interact are mainly friends, colleagues and the like.”


Ran Caijing summarized the evaluations of many short video platform users. Most people think that short videos are more "personalized", "down-to-earth", "content bold and free from restriction" compared to traditional forms of entertainment such as TV and long videos. Variety of subjects and types".


At the same time, the length of short video is more suitable for fragmented time. “Watch short videos when you want to take a break and use your phone for a while. The time will not be as long as variety shows or TV shows.” Some users said.

同时,短视频的长度更适合分段时间。 “如果您想休息一下,请观看短片并使用手机一段时间。时间不会像综艺节目或电视节目那样长。”一些用户说。

Of course, the premise of all this is that once an entertainment star is on a short video platform, the performance of its video content will be very different from that of traditional TV or long video programs, and it is more in line with the platform's tone.


"Comedians who entered the platform in the early years received some bonuses. For example, Mr. Nuan Nan, whose fans on a single platform have reached more than 20 million. Those who entered the platform later, and even though they entered the platform, did not put down their body. Most comedians who recognize and understand the rules and culture of the platform are mediocre." Gu Gu, the principal of Onion Video Mercury Studio, told Ran Caijing.


But to do this is not easy. Many actors are not satisfied with creating content on short video platforms.


"Watching through the screen, the audience can't experience the liveness of the talk show." Guo Xin said that the short video is only a communication platform, so that mature talk show actors can be known to more people. "The popularity depends on performance skills and stage experience."

“通过屏幕观看,观众无法体验脱口秀节目的生动感。”郭欣说,短片只是一个交流平台,所以成熟的脱口秀演员可以被更多的人所认识。 “受欢迎程度取决于表演技巧和舞台经验。”

Dapeng said that short video platforms are not suitable for the development of talk shows. "Talk show actors on short video platforms can become popular, but they are not likely to be pure talk show creators. Stand-up comedy creation is just a means and method."

大鹏说,短视频平台不适合脱口秀节目的发展。 “在短视频平台上的脱口秀演员可能会很受欢迎,但是他们不可能是纯粹的脱口秀节目创作者。站立喜剧创作只是一种手段和方法。”

Because of the lack of the necessary on-site environment and the appeal of communication between people, the popular talk show videos on short video platforms are more inclined to quotations or impromptu interactions. "Even the OG in the industry

由于缺乏必要的现场环境以及人与人之间交流的吸引力,因此在短视频平台上受欢迎的脱口秀视频更倾向于报价或即兴互动。 “即使是业界的OG

This phenomenon is not alone. Li Dan’s interaction with the Kuaishou anchor in the "Long Wish for a Long Time" program sometimes seemed "powerless". He once admitted in an interview that he is "not good at live comedy".


Whether or not to recognize the entertainment form and value of the short video platform forms a threshold for entertainment stars to attract fans on the short video platform.


However, many short video platform users said that they prefer the appearance of celebrities in Douyin and Kuaishou. The various funny videos of celebrities are much more lively than TV shows, and the sense of distance is reduced.


Ma Rui, the vice president of the new studio, told Ran Cai that, from the perspective of the development path of the entire short video industry, the content was originally more experienced, and now it may be more logical, and the logic is more based on users. Under the current mechanism, when machines or algorithms determine most of the traffic flow or content recommendation, users have their own choice and choose what content they can watch. The previous content choice is in the hands of content creators. in.


"This is a good thing and a bad thing." Ma Rui said, "The good thing is that content creators know more about what content they want to create, and users know more about what content they need. The bad thing is that it may limit the mass production of good content. In fact, this is A confrontation between a logical algorithm and experience output. Those of us who make content may be more willing to use experience to produce content, but now platforms are more willing to use logic and algorithms to make judgments. This will lead to some natural in between. The gap, and these gaps are now being filled by batches of MCN companies, content creators, UGC, and PGC."

“这是好事,也是坏事。”马睿说:“好处是,内容创建者对他们想要创建的内容了解得更多,而用户对他们需要的内容了解得更多。不幸的是,这可能会限制优质内容的批量生产。实际上,这是逻辑算法和经验输出之间的对抗,我们这些创造内容的人可能更愿意使用经验来生产内容,但是现在平台更愿意使用逻辑和算法来进行判断,这将导致自然的发展。 MCN公司,内容创建者,UGC和PGC批处理填补了这些空白。”

The birth of an entertainment star needs time. And short video platforms also prove that they can indeed provide such opportunities.


The former Kuaishou Internet celebrity MC Tianyou is known as the "king of wheat", he has almost achieved the leap from short video platform to entertainment circle. From live broadcasts, shouting wheat to participating in variety show recording, get advertising endorsements. Later, he released singles, participated in movies, signed hundreds of anchors, and set up a celebrity academy. Its ability to attract money and the number of fans is no less than celebrities. There were media reports that MC Tianyou “ruled the live broadcast arena”.

前快手互联网名人MC Tianyou被称为“麦王”,他几乎实现了从短视频平台到娱乐圈的飞跃。从现场直播,喊麦到参加综艺节目录制,获得广告认可。后来,他发行了单打,参加了电影,与数百名主持人签约,并建立了一个名人学院。它吸引资金的能力和粉丝的数量不少于名人。有媒体报道称,MC天佑“统治了现场直播舞台”。

Zhang Nan said at the second Douyin Creators Conference that in the past year, more than 22 million people have earned income on Douyin, totaling 41.7 billion yuan. And this year's goal is to help creators generate 80 billion yuan in revenue on Douyin.


In 2019, Zhao Bin, head of the eco-commercialization of Kuaishou creators, once pointed out that in 2019, creators will generate more than 20 billion yuan in revenue from Kuaishou. In 2020, Kuaishou will set up creative incubation centers in 20 cities across the country and invest 10 billion yuan worth of traffic to support creators.

快手创作者生态商业化负责人赵斌曾在2019年指出,到2019年,快手创作者的收入将超过200亿元。 2020年,快手将在全国20个城市建立创意孵化中心,并投入100亿元的资金支持创作者。

Under the platform's market potential and incentive plan, a large number of short video creators have joined the battlefield.


At present, Douyin and Kuaishou both have a number of head accounts, which have gathered a large fan base with high-quality content and influence, thus establishing a richer content ecology. Some of these high-quality creators have achieved "reverse transport" to the entertainment industry.


According to the data of Maoyan Professional Edition, the third season of "Talk Show" has been played more than 1.2 billion since its launch, maintaining a high degree of popularity. Among the contestants, in addition to a group of new and old talk show actors, several crossover players unexpectedly became dark horses.


The creators of short video platforms such as "The Happy Life of the Old Fourth" and Li Xueqin gained attention during the competition. In particular, Li Xueqin entered the finals, and his "sorrowful" performance style won the love of a large number of audiences. Many talk show actors call him "talented players".


In the eyes of viewers who like talk shows, these crossover players have achieved good results in talk show performances and successfully "out of the circle". But in fact, they themselves are very mature and highly popular authors of short video platforms. Li Xueqin's Douyin account has more than 6 million fans, and "The Happy Life of the Fourth Oldest" has more than 3.5 million fans on Douyin.


A person in charge of Hefei GALAXY Culture Media Co., Ltd. told Ran Caijing that content competition in the short video industry is very fierce. First, because the threshold for short video creation is low, anyone can shoot it; second, the audience's "taste" for entertainment content has improved. After watching too many clips, the audience will want to see more creative videos.


“Funny content is still very popular on the platform. It’s a great ability to make people happy. Even if there are already many top creators, there is still room for newcomers.” Gu Gu said, for those who have become top creators For short video bloggers, the competition is fierce. Netizens are easy to forget and like new things. How can they continue to output high-powered content and content formats? After competing with algorithms, it is difficult to be continuously seen and liked by netizens.


The emergence of every new media form will reshape an entertainment content industry and make many "leaders" in the entertainment industry famous.


After the cross talk in the television era faded, Guo Degang led Deyun Club to revitalize the cross talk theater. But they still attach importance to the propaganda power of TV and online platforms. In 2013, Guo Degang and his partner Yu Qian made their debut on the Spring Festival Gala. Guo Degang, who has always insisted on returning the cross talk performance to the theater, also expressed his affirmation of the new media's propaganda ability in the interview.

电视时代的相声淡出之后,郭德纲带领德运俱乐部振兴了相声剧院。但是他们仍然重视电视和在线平台的宣传能力。 2013年,郭德刚和他的搭档于谦参加了春节联欢晚会。一直坚持将相声表演返回剧院的郭德纲在采访中也表达了对新媒体宣传能力的肯定。

"For example, if this person lives in the mountains of Guizhou, how could he know that there is a man named Guo Degang? This is in a mountain gully in Yunnan, how could he know that cross talk is still in this state? We can let more people know about it through this platform ."


In the long video era, after planning the "Tucao Conference" and "Talk Show Conference", Li Dan, after planning the top ten broadcasts in 2017, he embarked on the road of big stars with billions of views. Prior to this, Li Dan had written four years of jokes and was also a guest performer on the show "Post-80s Talk Show Tonight", but he did not splash a lot of water.

在漫长的视频时代,李丹在策划了“吐槽会议”和“脱口秀会议”之后,计划了2017年的十大广播节目,走上了拥有数十亿观众的大明星之路。在此之前,李丹写了四年笑话,还是“ 80年代后脱口秀今晚”节目的嘉宾表演,但他并没有花很多钱。

Guo Degang and Li Dan, these two comedy superstars in the era of radio and television and the era of Internet long video, after using the media to increase fans and attract traffic, they also benefit the entire industry, allowing the offline and online performance market of cross talk and talk show They are all hot.


Now, when many celebrities move to Douyin and Kuaishou, the short video platform has also reached such a point: it needs a representative art form and a character who can push it to the top.


So, can the short video industry give birth to such a person with industry-leading capabilities? Does Li Xueqin have a chance now?


There are still divergent opinions on this issue.


"Now all the people who shoot videos are attached to major short video platforms. And many bloggers with more than one million fans have their own fan groups, which is no different from the relationship between celebrities and fans." In Jia's view, short video bloggers are likely to become stars. "There are a bunch of people who like it, can attract people, and have a certain influence. They are not stars."

“现在,所有拍摄视频的人都隶属于主要的短视频平台。许多拥有超过一百万粉丝的博客作者拥有自己的粉丝群,这与名人和粉丝之间的关系没有什么不同。”贾的观点是,短视频博主可能会成为明星。 “有一堆喜欢它的人,可以吸引人并具有一定的影响力。他们不是明星。”

Some users also said that the styles of Douyin and Kuaishou are still "grassroots". Many bloggers can become popular in a short time, but it is difficult to maintain for a long time. "True entertainment stars will not be born from Douyin because they lack a sense of distance from the public."

一些用户还说,斗隐和快手的风格仍然是“草根”。许多博客作者可以在短时间内变得流行,但是要长期保持很难。 “真正的娱乐明星不会从都印出生,因为他们缺乏与公众的距离感。”

At the same time, short video celebrities want to achieve cross-border "out of the circle", but also need the blessing of traditional media. Gu Gu said that if bloggers like Li Xueqin and the fourth child can cross the border to the Internet, they still have certain media potential. Li Xueqin was responding to "break the circle" for shouting Wu Yifan, and was followed by mainstream media. The interview with GQ report was reposted on the screen. Only if he had enough fame, he would be invited by Netcom. The same is true for the fourth child, who was first noticed by the mainstream media and then gradually understood by more people.


Gu Gu believes that the short video industry platform traffic is very concentrated, but the content is fragmented, so it is difficult to say whether an entertainment superstar with great industry influence can be born. Under the platform operation mechanism and algorithm, short video creators will only continue to introduce new ones. "The platform hopes that a hundred schools of thought will contend."

顾顾认为,短视频产业平台的流量非常集中,但内容是零散的,因此很难说是否会诞生具有行业影响力的娱乐巨星。在平台运作机制和算法下,短视频创作者将仅继续引进新的。 “该平台希望有一百个思想流派能够相互竞争。”

The person in charge of an MCN agency said that the current short-term entertainment content operation of short videos is still for profit in the short term, hoping to realize commercial realization, and has not made too long-term plans.


Ma Rui pointed out that now on platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou, it is difficult to say which topics are more popular with users. "Take Douyin as an example. Now the content category and track in Douyin are very detailed. Beauty is beauty, and the plot is the plot. The user’s decision-making time is very short. Will slide over immediately. And when the machine or algorithm determines most of the traffic direction or content recommendation, the user will get the content that he pays attention to, and the content that does not pay attention or pays little attention to the theme will be rarely recommended. Here. So now for the content of a theme, you are racing on your own theme track, not racing against other themes."

马睿指出,现在在豆印和快手等平台上,很难说出哪些话题更受用户欢迎。 “以斗隐为例。现在斗隐中的内容类别和轨迹非常详细。美丽就是美丽,情节就是情节。用户的决策时间很短。将立即滑过。当机器或算法确定大部分流量方向或内容推荐,用户将获得他关注的内容,很少推荐不关注主题或不关注主题的内容。一个主题,您是在自己的主题轨道上竞赛,而不是与其他主题竞赛。”

The track that is too subdivided also limits the boundaries of content creation. And an entertainment superstar obviously needs a broader creative stage. The algorithm recommendation mechanism of the short video platform gives creators a high degree of user stickiness and a loyal fan base, but it also delimits the scope. Whether it can break through boundaries and overcome algorithms will be a higher challenge for short video creators.


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